1.Exhaust Flexible Pipe without inner braid(HY)
2.Exhaust Flexible Pipe with inner braid(HYB)
3.Exhaust Flexible Pipe with interlock(HYK)
4.Flexible Pipe with Nipple(HYN)
5.Interlock Pipe(HYS)
6.Oval Flexible Pipe£¨HY0£©
7.Flexible Pipe with Long Nipple(HYM)
8.Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Flange
9.Bellow Pipe
10.Flexible Metal Hose
11.Bending Pipe with Flex (HYBF)
12.Sexy Pipe
13.Electric Remote Exhaust Cutout
14.Spark Arrestor
15.EGR Pipe
16.Expansion Joint
  4.Flexible Pipe with Nipple(HYN)
Structure: double layers/single layer, with/without inner braid add nipple
1¡¢Suitable for a wide range of the tail pipe link
2¡¢Can make parts with a high degree of flexibility
3¡¢In particular, we increased the height of the bellows to enhance the effectiveness of vibration absorption
4¡¢This product is used to exhaust system and high-and low-temperature
5¡¢It can be decrease engine noise and vibration.
Inner Diameter: 28mm,32mm,38mm,42mm,45mm,51mm,54mm,57mm,63mm,76mm,89mm,102mm
Use: used to decrease the vibration of the exhaust pipe

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