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1.Exhaust Flexible Pipe without inner braid(HY)
2.Exhaust Flexible Pipe with inner braid(HYB)
3.Exhaust Flexible Pipe with interlock(HYK)
4.Flexible Pipe with Nipple(HYN)
5.Interlock Pipe(HYS)
6.Oval Flexible Pipe£¨HY0£©
7.Flexible Pipe with Long Nipple(HYM)
8.Flexible Exhaust Pipe with Flange
9.Bellow Pipe
10.Flexible Metal Hose
11.Bending Pipe with Flex (HYBF)
12.Sexy Pipe
13.Electric Remote Exhaust Cutout
14.Spark Arrestor
15.EGR Pipe
16.Expansion Joint
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    Welcome to Wuxi Huanyu Metal Hose CO.,Ltd.

Wuxi Huanyu is one of the leading manufacturers which producing exhaust flexible pipe, flexible coupling, flexible tube, interlock, industrial pipe, muffler, clamp in China. Huanyu¡¯s products are also the general connector in the modern pipeline system. In addition, Huanyu¡¯s products popularize used in variety industries including fuel-gas, refrigeration automobile, fire fighting, water supply, architecture metallurgy petro-chemical.

Huanyu is established in 2000. In 2008, Huanyu company developed new equipments which significantly improved product quality, lead time and output. Huanyu occupies a production area of 10000 square metres.

The value of Huanyu is excellent customer service, respect all the employees and do the right thing. Excellent customer service: along with our quality products, service, price and lead time we must go the extra mile to give customers knowledgeable advice about merchandise and to help them use products to their maximum benefit.

"Huanyu" has good reputation in China market selling as well as in the West Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, middle east and so on. Huanyu¡¯s product is mainly focused on after market. Huanyu already passed ISO9001, TS16949 certificate.

Huanyu is continually exploring opportunities to engage with like-minded companies seeking to establish mutually beneficial and strategic long-term working relationships. Please contact us for further details and we will promptly answer any questions you may have.
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